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For medium sized enterprises

Strategic Motives

Due to special requirements of your project it is not possible to realise it by a joint venture or by the acquisition of a company? Or there are no suitable candidates avaliable at the market, but nevertheless the project should be achieved? In such cases you can found your own subsidiary company in the target market.

Reasons for founding abroad are:
purchasing and sourcing
sales and distribution
production and assembling

or strategic reasons:
customer relationship reasons (some customers only buy from German or European subsidiary because of guarantee and import risks)
tax reasons (especially under BEPS regulations)
administrative reasons
legal reasons (e.g. protection reasons for brands, technical know-how or production processes)
brand building of own corporate or product brands

and many many more...

Our services for you

1. Preparation

Prior to the project we assess your market opportunities, elicit the legal and fiscal framework and prepare the project plan for establishing your company in Germany.

2. Founding

According to local German peculiarites we'd like to undertake the following tasks for you:

  • Preparation of articles of association
  • Execution of all enrollment formalities
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Recruiting
  • Registered business address
  • Looking for storage or production areas
  • Searching for required equipment
  • Supplier search on site
  • Search for logistic partners and installation of the supply chain
  • Preparation and examination of contracts (lease, vendor contracts, purchase agreements, etc.)

Please keep in mind that at least a managing director in Germany is indispensable.

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