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Selling a Company

For medium sized enterprises

Strategic Motives

There are many reasons for selling a company in whole or in part. Whether it is a follow-up, a financial contribution for the implementation of a project, or a strategic partnership to enable further expansions. You should bear in mind that your company is probably also interesting for German investors. Especially German enterprises are depending on company purchases for their global growth efforts.

Particularly in terms of market develpment or the optimization of production processes or supply chain management, the strategic takeover of a company is an important element, not only because of financial reasons.

By expanding the search for buyers to German investors, you increase your chance of a quick sales success and a better price exponentially. Such buyers primarily pursue strategic interests and only subordinated financial ones. In addition, they mostly have the necessary capital, which makes the complicated involvement of a third party (e.g., a bank) unnecessary.

And please do not think, "my company is too small." A number of contractors are also interested in small and medium-sized enterprises, as they often have a lot of "know-how", and such companies also make it easier for the buyer to enter the foreign market.

Our services for you

First of all, we would like to point out that our service is not an Internet platform, in which your company is offered besides tens of others as in a closing sale. We actively engage in the search for potential buyers and present your company or your participation to them personally. Furthermore we organize the whole sales negotiations until the end.

1. Preparation

During the preparatory phase, we record all relevant data of your company and create a company profile which corresponds to the German standarts. If you already have an appropriate presentation, we will adapt it to German style. If desired, we can also create a complete "due diligence analysis". Normally this is commissioned by the buyer, but in our experience, the sales chances are enormously increased if such an expertise can already be shown.

In the second step, we determine which investor your company can be interesting for. We will get in contact and present your company as well as the advantages of a takeover personally.

2. Take over process

The subsequent realization phase is then as follows:

  • selection and analysis of potential buyers
  • personal presentation of your company or your project to potential buyers
  • negotiation management
  • preparation and adjustment of the purchase contract (if necessary with involvement of workers' councils or trade unions) in consideration of legal, fiscal and economic characteristics
  • conclusion of the sale process including the appropriate registrations

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