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Being ready for Germany

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In today's business world, the German sales and purchasing markets offer enormous opportunities for smaller international companies and start-ups, too. So it possible to offer own goods with price advantages or niche products directly to Germany. And there is also the opportunity to procure high-quality products or parts from Germany easily.

Even if the cross-border trade (import and export) has become much easier, especially if you are moving inside the EU, there are some "tripping hazards". But these can be avoided by the best market and law knowledge.

For this reason, we have developed a guideline as check list, specifically for small companies and start-ups, which ensures an optimal and secure process both in the run-up to an international business and during the process.

We show our clients how to organize sales and purchasing in Germany, how to analyze the chances and risks in advance of the project, how the paperwork has to be handled (document security), how to apply for approvals, how to ensure payment transactions and how the correct procedure is when the goods actually are shipped.

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