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Project Procedure

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Project Procedure

In an initial or in several meetings, you present your idea and tell us the goals you like to achieve with the project. At this point we primarily have to find out and to determine whether your aims can be reached best by a joint venture with a local partner, by setting up an own subsidiary, or by the acquisition of an existing company. The basic decision about the optimal solution is made here.

The outcome of these determinations are the necessary operations for reaching the project targets. Subsequent these activities get divided into subtasks and a timetable which considers the relationship between the individual tasks will be created. In addition, at this point we specify the required resources (e.g. personnel expenses or necessary investments) for the tasks. The result is a detailed schedule and cost plan.

In the next step the required competencies out of your expert knowledge and our project management experience will be defined, and then the corresponding project team becomes compiled. For the success of a project, it is very important that always act the same people and everyone knows who has what to do till when. Therefore, we attach particular importance to constant contact persons. Furthermore the regular meetings get scheduled at this stage (e.g. all four weeks or when reaching a milestone).

The core of our cooperation is undoubtedly the realization of the project plan. The assigned tasks are now accomplished by the respective team members. The project manager monitors every step and ensures that the schedules are met and the resources are used according to the planning. As a matter of course, you will receive regular progress reports.

Naturally a plan is not a law and we have to react to changing circumstances or new insights over the course of the project. Because of that, each project is subject to a permanent controlling. On basis of this, the plan is repeatedly adapted and changed until the goals are achieved. In this way, we are able to realize your objectives.

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