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Challenge Germany

For medium sized enterprises

Project-Management in Germany - Challenge for SME's

Our Solutions

Especially international small and medium-sized companies face a great challenge in German project management, because either the daily business is adversely affected by the project or the project by the usual work. The reason for this is that the project manager and the team usually carry out a project alongside their main occupation.

In addition, the employees often don't have experience in project management and they are not familiar with local German characteristics, which leads to a third burden of knowledge acquisition.

Through a cooperation with Brämer & Partner, the professional competence of the clients is bundled with our project management competence. As a result, the goals can be achieved faster, more cost-effectively and more sustainably.

In our projects we focus on the areas of sales, purchasing and outsourcing of production from and to Germany.

Generally we reach our targets by the establishment of joint ventures, the complete or partial takeover of existing companies or by the foundation of subsidiaries. It is, of course, also possible to set up distribution partnerships for sales as well as individual single solutions according to specific customer requirements.

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