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Buying a Company

For medium sized enterprises

Strategic Motives

Do you prefer to organise your business on the German market by yourself, without consideration of a joint venture partner? And you like to penetrate the market quick and intensive? In this case we suggest the the whole or partly acquisition of an already established German company.

Reasons for such a turnover can be sales and distribution, manufacturing in and for the target country and/or the sourcing of goods at the face.

The big advantage of such an procedure is, that it is possible to start doing business immediately. Manufacturing facilities, customers, sales and distribution system and qualified staff are instantly available. On the other hand analyses and negotiatings prior to the acquisition are more complicated and take more time than simple cooperations.

In Germany for foreigners or foreign corporations it is possible to own companies or found subsidiaries, but you need at least a general manager on site.

Our services for you

1. Preparation

Even and especially the preparation of an acquisition is of fundamental importance for the success of the project. Besides the necessary market research all acquisition targets have to be subjected by scrutinising. In addition to the legal and economic feasibility it must be paid heed to clients (which are taken over as well) and existing staff. It is necessary that these parties are positive in the face of the acquisition, because problems occurring after the turnover might jeopardize the success of the entire project. Furthermore, it has to be taken care of the reputation of the acquired company and the economic situation must be examined through their paces.

2. Company takeover

For the realisation of your M & A project it would be our pleasure to undertake the following activities for you:

  • Selection and analysis of potential acquisition candidate (you'll receive a comprehensive report of each one)
  • Providing of "due-diligence-analyses"
  • Initiation of the takeover negotiations (if desired also secret)
  • Negotiation management
  • Preparation and adjustment of the purchase agreement (possibly with involvement of works councils or unions), in consideration of legal, fiscal and economic peculiarities
  • Execution of the acquisiton with corresponding registrations

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