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Decide for quick success -
and buy a German company

Structure optimization under
BEPS regulations

Project-Management in Germany -
Challenge for SME's

Do you prefer to organise your business on the German market by yourself? And do you like to penetrate the market quick and intensive? In this case we suggest the the whole or partly acquisition of an already established German company.

Reasons for such a turnover can be sales and distribution, manufacturing in and for the target country and/or the sourcing of goods at the face.

Nowadays a lot of medium sized German enterprises with a huge market reputation, high knowlege in technology and last but not least with a enormous awareness level and positive image are for sale because of missing successor.

The big advantage of such an procedure is, that it is possible to start doing business immediately. Manufacturing facilities, customers, sales and distribution system and qualified staff are instantly available.

So it would be our great pleasure to support you through the whole process of buying a German company.


Under the project name "Program against base erosion and profit shifting" or short BEPS the OECD is currently acting against profit shifts and the exploitation of tax loopholes by globally operating corporations. This is intended to achieve a higher level of international tax justice. The tax competition between individual nations shall be reduced or made more unattractive by 15 regulations.

Germany has also joined this program and has ratified the regulations.

The aim is to establish a stronger link between value added and taxation. In the future, each share of the value chain will be taxed in the country in which the corresponding value added has taken place.

This is a dangerous situation for SME's because from now they have to prove the allocation of the individual income. Aren't they able to do that, multiple taxation in different countries is possible.

Together with your local tax advisor, our consultants and attorneys in Germany would like to optimize your cross-border business and avoid unnecessary multiple taxations.


Especially international small and medium-sized companies face a great challenge in German project management, because either the daily business is adversely affected by the project or the project by the usual work. The reason for this is that the project manager and the team usually carry out a project alongside their main occupation.

In addition, the employees often don't have experience in project management and they are not familiar with local German characteristics, which leads to a third burden of knowledge acquisition.

Through a cooperation with Brämer & Partner, the professional competence of the clients is bundled with our project management competence. As a result, the goals can be achieved faster, more cost-effectively and more sustainably.


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